Build a novel component for discovery on Grab home to break scroll monotony and drive engagement and top of funnel traffic for more products.

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Senior product designer

The team of 1 Product Manager, 3 Engineers, 1 Engineering Manager, 1 Product Marketing Manager


Early 2020 (Peak COVID-19)

Frame 2060.png


Grab home is a prime real-estate, and as a CX team, we are constantly striving to balance user and business needs. Our internal stakeholders felt the product offerings were unclear through the limited UI options we had back then.

Our marketing team were also looking for new ways to engage users and increase top of funnel metrics. They also wanted a way to surface situational content like COVID-19 annoucements and helpful links in regions across SE Asia.


We took into account learnings from past engagement experiments on the Home screen and some of past tech challenges to avoid adding more to legacy debt.

While introducing this new component, we looked into four different areas and made informed decisions accordingly.

Product goal

Empower product teams to showcase new services.

Engineering goal

Minimise engineering effort to update new content with the component.

Design goal

Design a scalable component that is reusable in other contexts.

Operational goal

Empower the marketing team to convey value prop with rich creatives.